Detailed Apartment Info



The radiators are heated by a gas boiler in the basement which is controlled by us via a 'hive' remote system.

The heating should be comfortable at all times, becoming cooler overnight from about 11pm.

The valves on the side of the radiators may offer more regulation that you can control and can be used to turn the radiators off.


Please do not leave the fire or the oven on unnecessarily as they could create a fire hazard.


Please close kitchen/bedroom doors when cooking so that you don't set the fire alarm off. The system is very sensitive to burnt food!


Hot water is provided from a tank heated by the central heating boiler; there should be hot water at all times.


The shower in apartment 1 does not use the hot water tank but is an electric shower that heats up water as it is used. The other showers use water from the hot water tank.

BEWARE of slipping in the bath and of hot water from the shower head.

Please DO NOT use the showers or baths after 11pm and before 7am.


There is plenty of room in the car park for 4 cars but please allow room for manoeuvring.

Take care when negotiating the narrow lane and in particular the tight corner as you leave.


Please be considerate of other guests who are also on their holidays.

Do not leave pets alone (Scafell and Loughrigg only).

Noise must be kept to a minimum after 11pm and before 7am.



Pets allowed here. Please do not leave them alone in the apartment if they are going to be distressed or disturb other guests.

Please do not allow pets on any beds.

Information about the electric oven:

The clock must be showing a time, not flashing, for the oven to work. It doesn’t need to show the correct time.

Press the buttons on the clock until a steady time is showing.

Turn one knob to the required function and the other knob to the required temperature.  The oven takes about 15 minutes to get to a 180 degree temperature.


Pets allowed here.

Please do not leave them alone in the apartment if they are going to be distressed or disturb other guests.


There is a child's bed under the double bed.

You may need to move the chair to the kitchen.

There is then room to roll the bed out.

Please do NOT walk on the bed as this may break the slats.

Please do NOT allow pets on any beds.

Please leave the bed linen out so that we can change it.



The sofa bed should not be moved as it is quite heavy. Linen is stored in the wardrobe in the hall.

To open the bed:

• Take off all the cushions and move the quilted cover

• Lift the front grey bar up and out, the bed then stands on the floor with one leg still folded up

• Un-fold the leg by pulling upwards and forwards. It may be quite stiff

To close the bed

• Lift the front end of the bed and start to fold it over.

• Push the leg down (towards the back of the sofa). This may be stiff.

• Lift the front grey bar and feed the bed back into the sofa.

• Replace the quilted cover and the cushions.